At Webdagene you will meet the best international speakers, with strong opinions and unique knowledge. These are confirmed so far:

Braden Kowitz

Braden Kowitz works for Google Ventures. He is a product designer, prototyper, and storyteller. He advises startups on UX Design and Product Development. Braden has led design for several Google Products, including Gmail, Google Apps for Busines and Google Spreadsheets. At Webdagene he will teach us how to use "The design sprint".


Erika Hall

Erika has written "Just Enough Research" and is co-founder of Mule Design Studio, where she is the strategy director. She tells you how much is just enough when it comes to user research, and how to get there.


Nicholas Felton

Nicholas is a designer, entrepreneur and artist. Translating all kinds of data to meaningful objects and experiences is what he does best. Prepare for a beautiful piece of data visualization art.


Rick Pastoor

Rick is product manager at Blendle - the newspaper equivalent to Spotify. He loves geeking on things like web form design and processes that move users along to the next step on your website/service. At Webdagene he shares some concrete advice on exactly that.


Susanne Kaluza

As editor of Kvinneguiden (“Women’s guide”), Susanne has totally transformed its editorial profile, which has led to an increase in users, social traffic and reading time. Anyone working in communication and marketing has something to learn from Susanne, be prepared!


Trine Falbe

Trine lectures and advises on UX in Denmark. She has studied design for kids and is excited about sustainable design. The latter is what she’ll be talking about at this year’s Webdagene.


Leah Buley

Leah has written the book The User Experience Team of One and is a veteran in the field of user experience. She has previously worked at Adaptive Path and as an analyst at Forrester Research. At Webdagene she will talk about how you build a design organisation from the inside.


Wilhelm Joys Andersen

In a previous life, Wilhelm made browsers. Now he is in charge of his own development company, where he strives to turn ambitious goals into functioning code. In Wilhelm’s opinion, search engine optimalisation is a scam, and he’ll talk about just that at Webdagene.


Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby

Johan is one of Norway’s most experienced service designers and digital business developers. He has worked with big companies as a strategy adviser, as UX designer in Making Waves and in a range of small startups. He is now marketing manager and CTO at Urban Infrastructure Partner, the company behing Oslo’s city bikes.


Anders Mjaset

Anders started his first business at 14. Since then, he's started several, but he's best known as the co-founder of Mesh. Mesh has housed startups since its start 4 years ago, and acts as a meetingplace for established businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.


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